Many companies drink a lot of coffee every day and that creates a lot of coffee waste.
In the Circular Coffee Community, we are aiming to eliminate the waste and make another use of it.


Löfbergs is a family owned coffee roastery in Karlstad, Sweden.

In recent years Löfbergs have strengthened their position in the market, with an emphasis on social responsibility and working for a better environment. Löfbergs is one of Europe’s largest importers of organic and Fairtrade coffee

Peter larsen kaffe

Peter Larsen Kaffe is a 118-year-old coffee company in Denmark. They emphasis great to social responsibility in relation to the environment and to the sustainable use of the earth’s resources. They aim to ensure global sustainability in coffee production and trade.

Kobbs tea has helped people relax for over 200 years. Today it is needed more than ever. We are constantly connected, accessible and reachable. And we don’t feel very good about it. Kobbs tea wants to help people relax for a little while.