Sweden is one of the top coffee consuming countries in the world. But are at the same time throwing away 300 million litres of coffee every year. An unnecessary waste of the earth’s resources. Löfbergs is now presenting #helakoppen (the whole cup) – an initiative to help more people make use of the whole cup and make the most of their coffee. The coffee is not only regarded as an end product, but also as a raw material for new products in a circular economy.

– We want to increase the value of coffee. By using the whole cup, the consumers will get more for their money at the same time as we make a joint effort for the environment, says Anders Thorén, Media Relations Manager at Löfbergs.

The initiative is about getting more people to make use of the coffee grounds and the leftover coffee instead of throwing a valuable rest product in the trash. The coffee grounds can be used as body scrub, for dying fabrics or for baking. Leftover coffee can be used for making refreshing coffee drinks.

Reuse and refine coffee grounds
Löfbergs has developed a number of different solutions and tips for reusing and refining coffee, both for restaurants and cafés as well as for domestic use. It is about using the coffee grounds and the leftover coffee in a smart way.

– We offer several new products at our coffee bars in Sweden with the purpose of making use of the whole cup. We naturally hope that more restaurants and cafés will follow. Through our social channels, we are also making great efforts to inspire to reuse at home this summer, says Anders Thorén.