Coffee grounds can work as an effective scouring cream. For example, use it in your kitchen sink, grill or places with soap scum.

Use coffee grounds and vinegar to remove stubborn leftovers and stains from pots and pans – except pots and pans with non-stick.

Cutting board

Scrub your cutting board with coffee grounds. Then you get rid of old smells and the cutting board becomes like new again.

Bad odor

Bad odor in the fridge can be neutralized with some coffee grounds.

A small bowl of coffee grounds in the fridge will neutralize odor.

The trick also works on bad smelling shoes.

Put some dried coffee grounds in an old sock and place it in the shoe overnight.

Clothing dyeing

Wool sweaters (or other natural fibres) with stains can be saved by using coffee leftovers.

All you need is

  • 2 liter coffee leftovers (the stronger the more colour)
  • A tub
  • A big spoon


Giv gerne tøjet et eddikebad (lidt eddike og lidt vand) i en times tid. Dette vil binde farven til fibrene.