The circular way


In order to make the world more circular small steps will make a big difference. Let’s start moving away from just throwing our food in the trash or sink. 
The best thing we can do is to prevent waste – why brew more coffee than you can drink? Why throw out the leftovers when you can use it for a delicious ice-coffee the next day?

We continuously develop recipes to exploit the leftovers of coffee.

If you have any tips – please let us know so that we together can make a circular world.

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Coffee grounds is full of antioxidants that you can profit by using in your skincare routine.

For example, use your grounds to make a delicious, fragrant body scrub.

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Grilled food gets a mild and smokey taste when you add coffee grounds in the marinade.

Coffee Grounds in your bun dough keeps the buns moist and crispy.

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Coffee grounds is an effective scouring cream.

Use it in your kitchen sink, grill or places with deposit and soap scum.

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Coffee grounds provides good nourishment for plants – inside as well as outside.

Spread coffee grounds around the plants and let the nutritrings soak into the soil.

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