Community founder

As one of Europe’s largest importers of organic and Fairtrade coffee, Löfbergs knows how amazing coffee is, but they also know that coffee is much more than what we drink!

As a founding partner of Circular Coffee Community, they contribute to making the coffee production more circular.

Peter larsen kaffe

Community founder

Peter Larsen Kaffe is a Danish frontrunner in sustainable coffee. They emphasis great to social responsibility in relation to the environment and to the sustainable use of the earth’s resources.

Peter Larsen Kaffe aims to ensure global circularity in coffee production and trade. Circular Coffee Community is their mean to ensure it.


Community founder

Percol is coffee on a mission. Percol was the first ground coffee to be Fairtrade certified. They pioneered the use of organic and single-origin beans. And they have spent decades investing in the farmers who grow the delicious coffee, generation after generation.

Their next mission? To be the most sustainable coffee company. Plastic-free. Carbon-neutral. Fairtrade-certified.


Twisted Leaf is the world’s first producer of sustainable blended beverages made on leaves from the coffee tree – an overlooked crop, which is typically burned.

Their overall wish is to extend the use of natural by-products while creating their signature beverages to create a more circular future for consumers and coffee farmers.


grums aarhus speaks into the vision of CCC by using coffee grounds to create sustainable skin care products.

Coffee grounds is not waste and grums aarhus clarifies that it can be used in new valuable ways.


SCULPTUR make products out of recycled/biobased materials. They believe that waste and a linear supply chain must end.

As one of the first companies in the world, Sculptur uses 3D printing as the main means of manufacturing, making it possible to explore new forms, new materials, new technology, and new business models – in a sustainable way.


SDG 12 promotes “doing more and better with less.”

That is why Pond12 is named after SDG 12. They focus on changing how we produce and think about plastic by replacing it completely with their fossil free alternative made from sustainable waste – such as coffee side streams.


Minimizing waste and doing good for others is at the key in the work of FødevareBanken.

Surplus food is given a new life and contributes to some of Denmark’s most socially marginalized people who benefit from something others would have thrown away. Instead of wasting food FødevareBanken make fully use of it.


Eachthing wants to make it easier for consumers to find products that match their needs and values – essentially, making it easier to be a conscious consumer.

Working with NGOs and producers eachthing works to promote transparency and easy access to information by centralizing information and creating free tools for consumers.

New Loop

New loop is a cooperative who in partnership with take-away suppliers and a consortium, are developing one unified deposit system for all take-away packaging.
Food-approved and washable food and drink containers and creating a closed loop, thereby helping to reduce plastic and creating sustainable production and consumption as well as CO2 reduction.


Wehlers is a sustainable design furniture brand. Their philosophy is simple; They don’t think the world needs more designed furniture – however, they do think that it needs more options for conscious consumption. 
It is not about being the best in the world, but it is all about being the best for the world.


BRØL stands for roar and BRØL roars for business, activism and circularity. They transform surplus, wild ingredients and stories into craft drinks, giving everyone a deliciously simple way to bring a positive change. E.g., they use spent coffee grounds for their porter, stouts, and darker IPAs beers.

Kaffe bueno

Kaffe Bueno’s mission is to better utilize coffee waste; that is to fully exploit its health properties in an environmentally friendly way. Spent Coffee Grounds is a valuable resource that has been wrongly treated as waste for centuries.

Kaffe Bueno look at coffee as a sustainable health elixir, rather than a simple beverage.


Daka ReFood collects and reuses food waste ranging from coffee grounds to used cooking oil. The food waste is recycled to pure bioenergy, nutritious fertilizer and biodiesel.

It is a safe, valuable and sustainable way of giving unused resources back to nature – and giving coffee grounds a second life.

Familien Bühlmann

The Bühlmann Family is a hotel chain that puts sustainability at the top of the agenda. Across all the hotels, they believe that even small changes can have a large impact on the environment.

Therefore, the hotels are part of CCC, where they help to recycle coffee grounds and eliminate all coffee related waste


ARoS – Aarhus Art Museum – strive to bring more biodynamic culture to the surrounding grounds, reduce energy usage in the museum and raise awareness of the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

With a focus on sustainability and on how they can reuse their scraps to produce more bioenergy, they, among other things, minimize their coffee waste by collecting all of their coffee grounds to grow mushrooms.

The Upcycl

THE UPCYCL is an Aarhus-based B2B material exchange platform. The company was founded with the vision of creating an advanced overview of every surplus material in the industry and production sectors.

By working together and tracking down every surplus material and making it available to the members of the platform, THE UPCYCL provides accessibility and extensive overview.

Arena Næstved

More than 250.000 people is visiting Arena Næstved every year looking for adventures through sports and culture.

As a part of the CCC community we proudly serve the best cup of coffee and on top of that make a humble contribution to a sustainable future by optimizing our use of the earth’s resources.