Reuse coffee grounds for other food products.
Coffee cinnamon buns made with coffee flour

Project Partners Include:

Kaffe Bueno
Peter Larsen Kaffe
Reuse coffee grounds for other food products.

Kaffe Bueno is a company that has seen the untapped potential of the coffee beans. The company utilizes used coffee grounds by extracting oil from the grounds, refining it, and selling it as an ingredient to the cosmetics and skin care industry, among other things. Afterward, the dried coffee grounds remain. These can be ground into flour containing lots of fibers and proteins that add flavor, texture, and color to bread and other foods.
Denmark's largest bakery in convenience products, Easyfood, has started using Kaffe Bueno's coffee flour in its bread, and through a collaboration with Kaffe Bueno, Easyfood, Peter Larsen Kaffe and 7-Eleven the buns are on the shelves in 7-Eleven in Denmark.

The buns are baked by Easyfood with coffee flour from Kaffe Bueno and sold to 7-Eleven by Peter Larsen Kaffe.

Current status:
Coffee grounds | Food and beverage
Last project update:
May 12, 2023

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