BY 2030.


Natural ecosystems are circular by nature. 
In circular communities, nothing is wasted. What used to be waste will instead be the beginning of something new. From sprout to grounds, all resources are being fully utilized.


Coffee is amazing. It is, therefore, a pity that when brewing coffee today, we use less than 1% of the many nutrients contained by the coffee plant. We want to make coffee circular. We strive to use 100%.


Together, we can create circular solutions that ensure sustainable growth for all committed and future generations – from farmer to consumer. Anyone can be a part of the Circular Coffee Community.

WHAT is the Circular Coffee Community?

The Circular Coffee Community brings people and industry together in a community that can take the world’s coffee production in a more sustainable direction. It is about complete and responsible use of existing resources.

Together, in a Circular Coffee Community, we can uncover the coffee plant’s full, nutritious, and useful potential and related side streams.

You who drink coffee can become a part of the community. There is no registration form. You start thinking and consuming circularly.
We have taken the first steps – both in exploring the possibilities and in creating products.

We can use coffee grounds for health and skin care, nutrition, fertilizer, furniture, and packaging. We can extract nutrients from the coffee leaves and use them in food and pharmaceuticals.
Who knows what else? The point is: We don’t know “what else” – yet! But we are determined to figure it out and hope that you will join us.



In Sweden, Löfbergs are offering the consumers to get the whole cup of coffee when they buy one at a restaurant or in a café. Instead of wasting the grounds or the leftovers, the consumer can have it and use it in another way.

Products from spent coffee grounds

Coffee can be used for many different things. For example, a to-go cup made of 40% coffee grounds. Click on the button below and take a look.