August 29, 2023    
All Day

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Let’s open the doors to Circular Coffee Community – for Circular Coffee Community!

We want to hear the stories, get knowledge, and be inspired by each other, and we hope you are ready to be a part of the agenda.

Hosted by members of Circular Coffee Community, we invite to inspiring conversations, dinners, workshops etc. with focus on circularity and coffee. Together we will investigate new solutions, question the existing and discuss how we can drive innovation leading to transformation in the world of coffee.

Will you be the host of our next community gathering?
Do not hesitate to contact us for a chat about how we can host an event together?

Become a host if you…

  • … have something on your mind.
  • … wish to show your solution/project to others who share CCC’s vision.
  • … wish to share your challenges and get inputs from others working with the same issues.
  • … wish to expand your network.

Emma Riis
Community Coordinator