Reuse coffee grounds for other food products.
Upcycling coffee for beer brewing

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Peter Larsen Kaffe
Reuse coffee grounds for other food products.

Spent coffee grounds is not only a waste of potential but also an environmental and climate problem. The coffee grounds often end in landfills and emit greenhouse gases (methane), and it’s a shame.

With this project we turn spent coffee grounds into a new ingredient by brewing beer from it.

To ensure a steady and food-safe supply for the brewery, we want to establish a value network that ensures a supply of coffee grounds for a medium-scale production of coffee beer (IPA & porter), as well as market development and consumer outreach.

The beer has been developed and a new and larger brewery is under construction.

Current status:
Commercial Test
Cascara | Coffee grounds | Food and beverage
Last project update:
May 12, 2023

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